Confidentiality Policy:

We would like to inform you in a transparent manner of measures that we are taking to deal with personal data that you have entrusted with us.
  1. How do we retain your personal data?

    1. Data that you have chosen to communicate with us

      1. via the My account registration form:

        Account creation is necessary to access the following services:
        • Retain and share your favourite ads
        • Receive alerts during the publication of new ads corresponding to your criteria
        Data collected for the provision of this service are:
        • Your email
        • You receive a password from us
        • usedCriteria chosen for the alerts*
        • Products saved in favorites*

        Data informed in this frame can be used with the objective of sending you customized marketing offers that you have accepted to receive, in agreement with the current data protection policy. This information will be kept for the time necessary to provide these services.
      2. Emails

        Emails received through the contact form or directly are used for the sole purpose of communicating with you and responding to your requests. We delegate the protection and retention of emails to our service-providers whose practices conform with the rules in effect concerning personal data protection.

        Data from these contacts are not passed on to an outside party without your consent.
    2. Data which we have received automatically

      1. Log files

        Every time that you visit our website, your actions are retained in a log file resuming the following data:
        • Url accessed
        • Source (last url visited)
        • Access date and time
        • IP address
        • UserAgent of your browser
        • Transaction status (success or error)
        This data is used to optimize services and for security reasons (to detect and prevent fraud, spam, misuse, security incidents and other harmful activities). They are not passed on to an outside party.

        This data is not kept more than six months.
      2. Cookies

        We receive other data that concerns you automatically. In this way, we retain in particular via cookies:
        • Search terms
        • URL
        • Data category
        • Analytical data: type of device (computer, tablet), browser and version, technical data (loading time, page size), location
        This data cannot be linked to a person in any case (anonymized data).
  2. For what purpose do we retain your personal data?

    1. General purposes

      We need your personal data :
      • to send you the list of goods that correspond to your search criteria (if you have subscribed to the service to send you the list of goods by email which corresponds to your search criteria) (v 1.1.1)
      • To respond to your solicitations via the contact form (email, v 1.1.2)
      • To guarantee the technical administration of our site (v 1.2.1)
      • To establish statistics on the visits of different sections of our site and allow more precise targeting of advertisements (v 1.2.2)
    2. Direct marketing and communication to outside parties

      We never communicate your personal data to an outside party ; it is not used for the purposes of direct marketing.
  3. How do we protect the confidentiality of your personal data?

    All data is passed on in a secure manner. We have set up security policies with regard to our partners so that servers host your personal data, preventing in all possible measures:
    Our employees who have access to your data are subject to a strict obligation of confidentiality on this subject.
  4. Who is responsible for dealing with your personal data?

    The group responsible for dealing with personal data collected on the site is the SA eRowz, located at Rue jean burgers, 2. 7850 Enghien, Belgium.
  5. How can you have access to your personal data?

    You can change the parameters of your account or delete it at any time by going onto the my account page.

    If you delete your account, any data sent during the creation of your account will not be kept.
  6. Note concerning minors

    If you are a minor (aged less than 18 years old), we would like to ask you to not communicate your personal data.
  7. General information

    We have highlighted that our practices in the subject of protecting your personal data are strictly in conformity with the legislation applicable within the European Union:
    Please note that we do not assume any responsibility concerning the privacy policy of the websites that are hyperlinked with our site.


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